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King of Diamonds

Located at 17800 Ipco Rd, Miami, FL 33162, King Of Diamonds Miami nightclub is the best Hip Hop strip club in Miami Florida. All the biggest stars go there from 50 Cent to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. KOD is located in Miami Gardens which is about 25 minutes from South Beach. The club is in a huge warehouse which is about 50,000 square feet and is the biggest gentlmans club in Florida. KOD attracts just as many girls and guys and is like a mega dance club but with strippers. The VIP rooms are full of famous sports stars and Hip Hop artist. The stages have thousands of dollar bills littering the floor and the dancers are flying around the stripper poles like Cirgue du Soleil acrobats. The club is aways from South Beach but is super popular and packed on Fridays, Saturdays and Monday nights and are the most popular nights to be there. The club has many special events weekly with the super stars of Hip Hop preforming there hits weekly. The cover charges vary depending on the event and the night.

Located in

17800 Ipco Rd, Miami, FL 33162

Package Summary

The Preparty will take place at a Lounge or Bar Crawl in Miami Beach with 1 Hour Open Bar formula which will include unlimited drinks such as vodka, tequila, whisky, gin, wine, rum with mixers and sodas.
The next phase will continue with the Party-Bus Experience where everyone will continue to party while transfering to the Nightclub of the evening.
Finally once you arrive at the club you will have a Hosted , VIP entry with little or no waiting in line at the door.
Everyone must bring a valid ID and should have an enforced dress code conformed with the Nightclub Policy.
When do you want to come*

Total amount by day

$70  - Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Phone(10 digits only)*
Promo Code
Additional Comments (if any)

* Before purchasing this package please contact us by email to check Nightclubs availability on the dates of your arrival
* For Reservations we require you to pay a 20$ deposit fee and the remaining balance will be paid before the Open Bar.
* Please note that Ticket Prices may change during Holidays, Special Events or Famous DJ's Nights. For price info please call, text or email us.
* Reservation date may be changed with notification. Age 21+ . Dress code strictly enforced. Doorman reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

If you are looking for a true VIP experience, then booking your own table in the VIP section is exactly what you need