Miami Double Decker Tour

The Original Miami Double Decker bus tour has been designed especially to show tourists the best that the city of Miami has to offer. The Original bus allows you to enjoy your tour in great comfort and get a bird’s eye view of the entire city and its attractions. Another great feature of the bus is that you can hop off the bus whenever you feel like it to explore the wonderful sights around, and when you’re done, you can hop right back on the bus and continue your journey.

There is much to see and do aboard the bus as well. The Original bus tours alternative between recorded commentary and entertaining live guides who will explain the sights you are witnessing as well as offer insights into city life and more. As you relax and unwind on board the bus, you can hear the funny anecdotes and humorous stories that the experienced guides will share. If you have a question, rest assured that the guides will have the answer. For recommendations on the best places to eat, the best clubs to check out and the secret places to visit, all you have to do is ask the Original bus tour guide.


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-> Double Decker Bus Tour (9:00AM) - 29.99$

-> Double Decker Bus Tour (1:00PM) - 29.99$

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+ Miami Boat Tour + $14

+ Everglades Tour + $30

+ Everglades & Boat Tour + $40

+ Old Town Trolley in Key West + $27