Miami Boat Tour

The boat tours takes visitors to South Beach, or Sobe, which is an important recreation destination for both locals and visitors. It covers all the important islands of the Miami Beach. The Art Deco District is one of Florida’s biggest tourists attractions and is made up of buildings that use the Art Deco architecture style. Some of the buildings date back to the 1920s. The Millionaire’s Row of the 1940s, known for its spacious and palatial houses, high-end stores and world-class restaurants, is Miami’s most luxurious area. The area lines the scenic Miami Beach.One of the most important and memorable highlights of the Miami boat trip is when you pass by the beautiful residences of some of Hollywood’s most famous personalities like Julio Iglesias, Beyoncé, and Shaquille O’ Neal. You will also be able to see the residence of Al Capone here.


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