Bahamas Tour

1 – Day Tour
Once you have experienced everything that the wonderful state of  Florida has to offer, it is not time to end your vacation. It is now time to head to a more wondrous location, such as the Bahamas. The Bahamas is the best place to relax, unwind, and make the most of all the beautiful sights that nature has to offer. One of the best ways to travel from Miami to Bahamas is via a ferry. The ferry provides tourists with a round trip from Miami to The Bahamas and then back.
1 DAY Trip.Free hotel pickup or Main Office departure.5 hours free time at Freeport Bahama Island.Round trip transportation. Cruise Ticket .

2 – Day Tour

The Celebration 2-Night Cruise departs every other day of the week from the Port of Palm Beach at 5:30pm. While passengers have until 4:30 to board the ship, the fun begins with early boarding at 1:00 pm with a delicious buffet lunch, drinks by the pool and a full slate of fun poolside activities. Don’t miss a moment of fun.

Kick off the evening with a relaxing massage or beauty treatment at the Fountain of Youth Spa, followed by dinner in one of Celebration’s five restaurants. After dinner, it’s off to The View for a Las Vegas influenced live show with plenty of great entertainment. Now it’s time to get serious about the fun and if traveling with children, dropping them off at one of the three supervised and age-appropriate Kid’s Clubs is good option. Try your luck at the spectacular Wynmore Casino with slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, dice and many other games of chance and skill. From there it’s back to The View, which is now the hottest nightclub at sea! Dance the night away to the best of live and recorded music.

Ready for bed? We didn’t think so. There is more live music and partying going on under the stars poolside. And lots more delicious food to eat. The Wynmore Casino and The View are open to the early morning hours and await your return visit. There is fun going on in the various lounges on the ship including the Karaoke in the Ocean Breeze. And speaking of karaoke, if you can sing be sure to sign up for Celebration’s $10,000 Caribbean Idol Karaoke Contest.


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Total amount by options

-> Bahamas Ferry from Miami (6:00AM) - 159$

-> Return another day? - +99$

-> Bahamas 2 Night Cruise (9:00AM) - 349$

-> Bahamas 2 Night Cruise (2:00PM) - 349$

-> Bahamas 2 Night Cruise (5:30PM) - 349$

-> Bahamas 2 Night Cruise (6:00PM) - 349$